What is Hoop Art? How to arrange embroidery unusually.

Today we want to tell you about such a relatively new direction in cross stitch design as Hoop Art. This style is rapidly winning the hearts of people around the world, so this is a good reason to adjust to the trend and start doing something similar.

Hoop Art is translated from English as “art in embroidery frames”.

The essence of this direction is to make ready-made embroidery not in traditional frames, but in embroidery frames. After the embroidery is finished, the edges of the canvas are simply bent from behind and masked with felt. The work as a result looks neat and original. Moreover, for such a design, both ordinary wooden hoops and special frame hoops are suitable.

But it is obvious that not all embroidery designs are suitable for hoop art, but only small pictures, since a large canvas will not look so interesting. Although here, of course, everything depends on your imagination and creativity.

Below we have made a small selection of examples of decorated works in the style of hoop art.

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