Q-Snap – what is it?

Recently, in the cross stitch world, such a term as “q-snap” has been increasingly heard. What is it? In this article we will tell you briefly about it.

So, “q-snap” is a collapsible kind of hoops of square or rectangular shape, which consist of four tubes, corners and clips. The very name “ku snap” came from the name of the brand Q-Snap, which for the first time began to produce such a hoop format.

They look like this.


  • It is convenient to use, especially when stitching rectangular or square paintings.
  • With this method of fastening, there are fewer creases on the canvas.
  • It is convenient to store, as the hoop can be disassembled and folded compactly.
  • Provide a good stretch.


  • Price. The price tag for the original cu snaps starts from 500 rubles. Chinese analogues can be found cheaper.
  • It’s hard to hold in one hand.
  • The clips of these hoops are tight enough, which is why it is not easy to remove the canvas, you can even tear it.

Share in the comments, did you know about this kind of hoop? Have you used it? Would you like to see a detailed review?

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30 unusual ideas where to use cross stitch

Cross—stitch – how much warmth and comfort there is in these two simple words. And how much joy and anticipation they evoke in the imagination of the craftswomen who are passionate about this particular kind of needlework! After all, each of them knows that with the help of simple devices and materials — floss, canvas, needles and hoops — you can turn your home into a picturesque nest, where every little thing will be filled with beauty and breathe love.

For many needlewomen, cross—stitch is a real meditation. Sitting in an easy chair under the warm light of a floor lamp, away from the daily hustle and bustle and in the company of a cup of hot fragrant tea, peace comes: thoughts rush into beautiful distances, a slight smile appears on the face, and a motive dear to the heart begins to manifest itself on the canvas… It’s time for miracles!

What do we associate with embroidery in the first place? Of course, magnificent paintings. But the masters went even further. Possessing a remarkable imagination, they began to decorate with embroidery not the most seemingly suitable things for this: pots and pans, cutlery and wooden spatulas, flower pots and jewelry. But that’s not all.

Recently, cross-stitch came out of the houses into the streets. And now it proudly decorates park benches, metal fences, restaurant furniture and even car hoods! It seems incredible, but nevertheless it is a fixed fact.
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Cross stitch kit review “Herbs” Riolis

Today I have prepared another review of the very popular cross stitch kit “Herbs” by Riolis. With such a plot, you can decorate a kitchen or a room decorated in the Provence style. The main feature of this kit is real tags on herbs. They are attached at the end, so that the bouquets look very natural.

Cross stitch kit

The kit includes:

  • linen canvas 14 Aida Zweigart,
  • color scheme,
  • needle,
  • 21 colors of floss (wool, acrylic),
  • tags with names.

Linen canvas and the plot of herbs is a great combination. Although the herbs are not real, but this combination looks very harmonious and eco-friendly. The breath of nature itself is felt.

Cross stitch pattern

The pattern is colored, clear and convenient. Convenient icons and symbols.

And now, as always, the most interesting thing. Let’s see how the stitches of this wonderful set look.

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