Q-Snap – what is it?

Recently, in the cross stitch world, such a term as “q-snap” has been increasingly heard. What is it? In this article we will tell you briefly about it.

So, “q-snap” is a collapsible kind of hoops of square or rectangular shape, which consist of four tubes, corners and clips. The very name “ku snap” came from the name of the brand Q-Snap, which for the first time began to produce such a hoop format.

They look like this.


  • It is convenient to use, especially when stitching rectangular or square paintings.
  • With this method of fastening, there are fewer creases on the canvas.
  • It is convenient to store, as the hoop can be disassembled and folded compactly.
  • Provide a good stretch.


  • Price. The price tag for the original cu snaps starts from 500 rubles. Chinese analogues can be found cheaper.
  • It’s hard to hold in one hand.
  • The clips of these hoops are tight enough, which is why it is not easy to remove the canvas, you can even tear it.

Share in the comments, did you know about this kind of hoop? Have you used it? Would you like to see a detailed review?

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